I have moved….

Hi folks, so i started out with mariajob.wordpress.com which is a pretty cool address, i enjoyed it while it lasted, but now i have moved to https://maryjob.wordpress.com/

This is still the same old me, just a different day!

Mary Job...Muaaah


See You There!


Author: Mary Job

Hello, i am first a Philosopher, then a New Media Freak and last but definitely not the least, a WordPress Lover. I fell in love with IT precisely the year 2002 when cybercafes became popular in Lagos, the city where i grew up. Gladly, my love for Technology has not diminished but has grown bigger and wider with the new Tech inventions that spring up everyday. When i am not sitting in front of my PC, i am either sleeping or watching a movie..haha. I have been into blogging for quite a while, i have tried different platforms in the past but none has given me the satisfaction and discovery that WordPress blogging has bestowed upon me. I love simple things, i love myself, my creator, my family. Hmm, i love great food *grins*, i love to meet new and exciting people, networking, exchanging ideas and learning new things and cultures, i love mysteries, i love my work tools and gadgets. What else? Mhh.... I love traveling, experiencing new places and i definitely love photography, i like to take pictures of people, food, myself and any sight that piques my interest. I know some people roll their eyes when they see other people taking selfies, i used to be shy to take selfies but not anymore. You know why? I do not have a single picture of my life in high school, and only few of my degree days. When i think about the memories, i ask myself...why are there no pictures of these times? That has to change..don't you agree?

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