I have moved….

Hi folks, so i started out with mariajob.wordpress.com which is a pretty cool address, i enjoyed it while it lasted, but now i have moved to https://maryjob.wordpress.com/

This is still the same old me, just a different day!

Mary Job...Muaaah


See You There!


Author: Mary Job

Mary Job is a Writer, WordPress Evangelist, Tech Consultant at and Founder of How Do You Tech. She is a co-organizer of the Lagos WordPress Meetup Community and Lead Organizer of WordCamp Lagos 2018. She enjoys doing 22 and she is proudly omo Ijebu alare. She is also the founder of blogging Nigeria initiative, a resource for sharing Naija stories and empowering youths, and a co-founder of Rural Urban NG, an agritech initiative for farmers in rural areas. Mary loves to teach young people how they can empower themselves using ICT tools within their reach. She stands by her belief that anyone can blog and everyone should.

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